Frequently Asked Questions

When do boxes ship?

Boxes will ship during the last week of the month and you will receive an email confirming that shipments are on there way!

When will I receive my box?

You will receive your box during the third week of the month.

How do I get my product featured in your box?

We’re always looking for new products! If you want to work with us, please feel free to reach out through email or contact us on social media @literacyloungebox. We are normal people just like you so please, don’t be shy!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel monthly subscriptions at any time! 3-6 month cancellations will take effect prior to your next renewal and you will receive your next subscriptions as long as you notify us that you still want them.If you have any questions about skipping a month during your 3 or 6 month renewal, you can email us at

What is included in my box?

One book by a Black Author. 2-4 items that will depend upon the theme of the book. (Ex. A month with a theme centered around self love may include items such as a self love card, teas, or quote cards etc.).

Can I subscribe if I am not African American?

Of course! No matter your race or ethnicity, if you love books written by Black authors and are interested in learning about history, the world, or even yourself than we are the subscription box for you!

Can I join your Book Club even if I have not subscribed?

Absolutely! We want to bring others together and start a community, not make you pay for it.

Have more questions? Email us at